This year’s exhibition is finished but prints can still be ordered by contacting the photographer directly.

Many of the images in the print exhibition are for sale.

Images are available in a range of sizes and frame options. Prices are for collection from Black And White Box photo.  Contact the photographer directly if you are interested in these or any other sizes

Item Frame size (inches approx.) Retail Price incl GST
A3 Lustre Print – large frame 27.5in x 19.7in $220
A3 Lustre Print – medium frame 18.5in x 13.7in $165
A4 Lustre Print – small frame 13.7in x 10.3in $105
A3 Lustre Print only Unframed $75
A4 Lustre Print only Unframed $50

Most of the prints in the exhibition are A3 Lustre Print – Medium Frame. The standard configuration for framed images is a black frame with a white mat.

Printing and framing is by the excellent Black And White Box who we are delighted to recommend.

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