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    We asked Robert M Knight and Maryanne Bilham to choose their favourite images from the exhibition, just for a bit of fun. The images were judged anonymously.

    Here’s what they had to say about the images. Well done Chris Morgan, Lucas Perelini, Chris Zwaagdyk and Dave Simpson 🙂 

    Robert Knight’s Favourite Images

    First I want to say as a group of images they all are really good for different reasons. It is very subjective but several I really liked personally as they capture the spirit of the unique position we have being able to shoot from the pit with better seats than the guys with the money in the front row. I really like these two images:

    Chris Morgan – Villainy – The Powerstation, Auckland – 27 July 2019

    I like the interaction between performer and crowd. Being in the middle of it all from the pit we get to see both what the crowd sees as well as the artist

    Lucas Perelini – Church & AP – Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Christchurch – 22 August 2019 – Red Bull

    I feel this image captures both the event and the crowd and the interaction of both.

    Maryanne Bilham’s Favourite Images

    Dave Simpson – Surf Friends – Flying Out, Auckland – 3 August 2019 – Radio 13

    This image really stood out in the wall display, it’s a great action capture, like the composition and HD detail works really well in Black and White.It’s obviously a small performance area so like the fact the photographer created an intimate dynamic feel making the image seem very editorial.

    Chris Zwaagdyk – Gin Wigmore – Civic Theatre, Auckland – 7 December 2019 – Ambient Light

    I really liked this image for its iconic and saintly portrayal with a contemporary pacifica influence. Has a very natural feel with a powerful projection.