2022 Call For Images

Deadline FOR THIS YEAR’S EXHIBITION IMAGES is 30 January 2022  

Photographer Submission Form for FromThePit 2022. Deadline for submissions is midnight on the 30 January 2022.

THIS YEAR’S MAIN EXHIBITION WILL BE AN AV ONLY – although we may have an opportunity to print a couple of them for special projects.

You can submit up to 10 images of New Zealand artists playing in New Zealand.

Images must be of New Zealand musicians playing in New Zealand and the image taken at a show not earlier than June 2020.

FromThePit is focussed on photographers taking images at shows in an official capacity.  Usually this means you were shooting for a publication, a venue, a promoter or the band rather than ‘audience shots’ taken with a mobile phone.

See FromThePit.co.nz/info to read these details online

There is not cost to enter images for inclusion in this year’s AV exhibition. The AV will premier at the 2022 Taite Music Awards.

We will select the final combination of AV pictures from all the entries. Due to space constraints we may not be able to include all photographers and images in the AV – it’s better we limit the numbers to create a higher impact AV than try to pack too much in.

The selection team’s decision is final and will be based on the combination of images submitted across all the photographers. Don’t hate on us just because we didn’t choose to include you or your favourite image(s).

We are hoping to have a small number of images (6-8) in the Q Theatre, Auckland coordinated with the Taite Music Prize. This will focus on Taite artists and will be chosen by the prize organisers We’ll let you know if you image has been chosen for that.

Taite Prize website here if you need any more info: https://www.indies.co.nz/imnz/taite-music-prize-in-search-of-the-years-finest-new-zealand-album/

You will be sent an automated email with all the information you’ve entered when you’ve completed the form. The email will tell you how you can go back and edit the information (before the deadline) if you need to!

IMPORTANT – all copyright of images will remain with the original photographer – by submitting your image you are agreeing to us using your image(s) in the print exhibition, AV and for FromThePit related activity (website, social media etc). You can revoke this permission at anytime.

You also agree you’ll


Send your images in jpeg format with longest edge of 2048 pixels. We’ll ask for the full res version later if we need it for printing.

Email [email protected] with any questions about the application form.

Deadline for submissions is midnight on the 30 January 2022

Entry form is here (you must complete this before sending any images):  https://forms.gle/qQLAotjMVh9ic4eQ7

Once you have completed the entry form, send your images via dropbox/google drive folder or wetransfer.com etc to [email protected]

Feel free ask questions on the FromThePitNZ facebook page or email [email protected]