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Speed Up Your Editing!

Sunday 23 May 2021 – 6.00pm to 7.30pm


Learn how to edit your images in minutes rather than hours.

It’s not uncommon to return home after a concert or photoshoot with hundreds, if not thousands, of images on your camera. It can take hours to import, select and edit your images before sending them to your publication by the deadline. There has to be an easier way right?

Dave Simpson presents an online workshop demonstrating his photo editing workflow. The session will be loaded with tips and techniques you can incorporate into your own workflow.

  • Pre-shoot preparations
  • Setting up your camera(s)
  • The secret sauce to a speedy workflow
  • Shooting with editing in mind
  • Organising your files so you can find them again
  • First steps when you finish shooting
  • Importing your files
  • Tips for how to select your best images in an efficient way
  • Quality vs quantity
  • How to use Lightroom (and other software) in the most efficient way
  • Exporting and reviewing before sending
  • Housekeeping

This workshop will be via Zoom and will last for 90 minutes. There will be an opportunity for asking questions at the end of the end of the session.

Dave uses Lightroom and Photomechanic in his workflow but principles are applicable to whatever software you use.


Dave Simpson is a freelance event photographer and a regularly shoots live concerts for Getty Images. He’s passionate about quality photography and teaching photographers how to get the best their best results. You can see his work at