From The Pit is a curated exhibition of images of New Zealand musicians playing live in New Zealand.  More than anything it is a celebration of the craft and art of live music photography.

Each week dozens of photographers are huddled in to music venues up and down the country capturing photos of New Zealand’s vibrant music scene.  It’s a difficult and unpredictable environment to work in, but these photographers work tirelessly to capture the magic they see before them.

Part artists, part historians, but all music fans, they all strive to take the perfect photo which reflects how it felt to be at the concert and communicates the excitement of a live music event.

The print exhibition is displayed as part of New Zealand Music Month.  An extended remix of the print exhibition with bonus additional content is also available as an audio visual version.

From The Pit is designed and curated by New Zealand music photographers Dave Simpson and Reuben Raj



(Photographer contributor, Getty Images /, NZ)
Website / [email protected]

Dave Simpson is a live event and people photographer based in Auckland. He strives to capture amazing photos of people doing their thing whether on stage or off. He is a regular contributor to Getty Images and His editorial images have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world including The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, NME and have been used by brands including Prada and Carlsberg. Dave teaches street photography and is an associate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.



(Photographer, SomeBizarreMonkey / Radio13, NZ)
Website Instagram / [email protected]

Reuben Raj, or sometimes known by his moniker SomeBizarreMonkey, is a film and digital photographer now based in Auckland. He constantly aims to capture moments of time on camera and his obsession with photography has allowed him to deliver assignments around the world including Russia, China, Singapore and most recently, the Middle East. His experience includes fashion, press and movie stills but music photography is where he started as a teenager and remains his most loved genre. Reuben is the founder and chief editor of NZ music media site & radio station, Radio 13 where he also hosts his own radio show about music and the people who cannot live without it.

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