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Image Editing Policy

We do not require images for FromThePit to be ‘pure’, unedited editorial images: We accept editing and post production is a legitimate part of image creation, and we encourage artistic expression.

That said, FromThePit is focussed on kiwi musicians playing live and we require that images submitted for inclusion in FromThePit are sustantially the same as the original, capturing the activities and visual feel of the live event in an authentic way.

For example we would generally allow special camera effects and techniques (star filters, shutter drag, creative blurs, multiple exposures etc), post product filters and effects (including post production multi-explosure, colour grading, artistic effects) and retouching (skin touch ups, removing background distractions).

But we would generally not allow full replacement of backgrounds or the addition of extra people in to an image who were not part of the original performance.

Any questions about how an image has been produced or edited should be addressed directly to the photographer.

FromThePit Committee 2024