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Monster Valley

Newtown Social Club

Penny Lane Records

Independent Music New Zealand

New Zealand Music Commission

NZ Music Month

Q Theatre

Robert M. Knight and Maryanne Bilham-Knight

Phantom Billstickers

The Black and White Box


Feast Your Eyes

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2019 Thanks

From The Pit and the New Zealand photography community would like to thank our generous and enthusiastic sponsors who have made the exhibition possible.

We would also like to thank the following amazing people:

  • The Black and White Box for their fantastic printing and framing of the exhibition
  • Q Theatre for hosting our mini-exhibition in their wonderful cafe
  • Phantom Billstickers for their amazing giant billboards
  • Tami Neilson, Julia Deans, Wax Chattels, Devilskin and Arthur Ahbez for kindly letting us use their music on the audio visual version of the exhibition
  • Rhino Web for hosting the website
  • All the band managers and promoters who graciously allow photographers access to photo their shows
  • All the musicians who put up with us thrusting our cameras in their face
  • The cool radio stations who embrace New Zealand musicians and live music
  • The independent websites, blogs and online magazines (see below) who toil away bringing their comprehensive coverage  of the New Zealand music scene, day in day out with little to no financial reward.  These provide the outlet for our creative talents and without them this exhibition couldn’t exist.
  • Our fantastic community of fellow photographers.  You are our second (and sometimes primary) family due to the amount of time we spend together in darkened rooms.  Thanks for looking out for each other!
  • And last, but definitely not least, our ‘significant others’, our families, our friends and our pets who go countless evenings without seeing us, and have to put up with us coming home late and then spending hours editing photos to publication deadlines.  A special thanks to you!